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Vanilla beans have long been coveted for their amazing aroma and delicious flavour. When you need wholesale vanilla beans, vanilla paste, vanilla powder or vanilla extract in Canada, contact Pastry Smiths first. Our vanilla is of the highest quality available.

Our premium vanilla extract is made from the highest quality vanilla seed paste, which boasts tiny flecks of black seeds. Our wholesale vanilla beans are cured and cultivated in Madagascar and offer a dark, creamy and rich buttery flavour to a variety of baked goods, desserts, and drinks.

Buy Wholesale Vanilla Bean Paste in Bulk Canada

Our wholesale vanilla paste allows any chef to add gourmet vanilla to a recipe easily. Enjoy this full-flavoured paste that has been carefully crafted using whole ground vanilla beans, vanilla seeds and extract. This paste provides all of the flavour you’d expect from a pure vanilla bean while being offered in a conveniently concentrated paste.

Whether you’re looking for wholesale baking supplies or cake decorating supplies in Canada, you can expect only the highest quality products at Pastry Smiths. We provide restaurants and bakeries with the quality supplies they need to offer truly indulgent pastries, cakes, and dishes to their valued customers.

We offer a wide range of vanilla products along with piping bags, relief sheets, silicone mats, guitar sheets, brown candy cups, acetate and more. Keep a ready supply of vanilla at hand and buy. Save time and money with our premium cake decorating supplies and wholesale vanilla to bring all of your baking up to a brand new level.

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