About Us

When you’re looking for bulk baking decorating supplies in Canada, we are your go-to wholesale supplier. We are one of the leading suppliers of chocolate decorating supplies and other baking goods for bakeries, restaurants and other fine dining establishments. We are dedicated to providing the best quality at affordable prices to pastry chefs and food enthusiasts across North America.

Not only do we have an intimate knowledge of the baking industry and expertise that allows us to source the best decorating supplies, but our wholesale discount pricing plans allow us to offer extensive savings on our gourmet line of products. You can serve the highest quality baking creations that your customers expect when you use our premium supplies.

When you have a true passion for baking, only the very best will do. We value high quality along with freshness, so you can rest assured that all of our products will live up to (or beyond) your expectations. Whether you are looking for vanilla (as a paste, extract, powder or bean), candy cups, piping bags or other baking supplies,you’ll find everything you need at Pastry Smiths.

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